New Features – Tutorial

I wrote a new ValueWiki Tutorial this week. Wiki can intimidate a lot of new users – this is probably the biggest challenge ValueWiki faces as a startup. I know it took me a while before I began to contribute to Wikipedia. I guess the trick is to present a tutorial that is as user-friendly as possible, and then add easily accessible help links to every page of the wiki.

The truth is, there’s really only about eight commands you will ever need to write on a Wiki. Just bold, italics, bullet lists, most of which are available as soon as you open an edit window.

Wiki is a great way to introduce people to programming, and is a sort of gateway drug to learning HTML. Zach believes HTML should be a mandatory high school class nowadays, a required course in a modern society. I take his point.

If you’re new to Wiki, check out the Tutorial’s wiki cheatsheet to help you get started. If you’re a Wiki pro, you can check out how I programmed the stacked folder windows. If you’re a Wiki Ninja, you may notice some redundancy in my programming; most likely Zach is going to trim things down. Take a minute to give the Tutorial a test drive and let us know if you think the Tutorial will be helpful to newcomers.


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