Startup Gossip 2

Zach drew my attention to ArmChairGM a Wiki startup for sports fans. I’m not very interested in sports, but I’m very interested in this site for two reasons.

1. They’ve successfully incorporated Digg voting features into their Wiki, which is very impressive.

2. Techcrunch reports Wikia is buying ArmChairGM for $2 million dollars. Not bad for one year’s work, especially considering their Alexa is currently 97,466 (not that Alexa is always 100% accurate). ArmChairGM has a healthy 1,242 users. But TechCrunch seems to feel ArmChairGM was bought for their Digg technology more than their userbase. Will be very interesting to see how Wikia applies this technology.


One Response to Startup Gossip 2

  1. I loved your post. I’ll add it to my feed reader. Oh and some pages looked weird in my browser. Maybe it’s time to change ! I’ve been told Opera is a good one, what do you think ?

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