Startup Gossip Update

Oh what a difference a day makes. Yesterday I noted that sports-wiki ArmChair GM had roughly the same traffic as ValueWiki. Today, on news of Wikia’s $2 Million buyout, their Alexa has skyrocked to 2,738.

This is a big week for Wikia, who just announced a $4 Million-plus investment from Jeff Bezos is quoted in the press release saying Wikia has “cracked the code for user-generated content.” Ahem. I think he means Wiki has cracked the code. And Wikipedia proved the thesis.

For those who don’t know, Wikia is to Wikis what is to Blogs. Just free hosting in return for ad revenue. Not a bad idea. Wikia was started by Jimbo Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia. He must have felt like a yutz once non-profit Wikipedia became the 12th most popular website in the world, so he found a way to monetize Wiki. If Jimbo gets rich off of Wikia, I will be very pleased. All of us in the wiki-world owe a tremendous debt to Jimmy Wales for pioneering Wikipedia and proving his vision to the world. Open source is admirable, but a man’s got to eat.

Interestingly, Wikia, like ArmchairGM, got a nice traffic bump as well from their funding announcement. Zach and I are grateful to be self-funded. We have freedom and autonomy. But maybe we should take on some funding just to get the traffic spike. What do you think, Zach?


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