Startup Gossip

Last week I met an engineer for a Boston startup called Zink. They’ve developed a way to print without ink, allowing printers to become tiny enough to fit in a digital camera or even a cellphone. Zink is well-funded and tacitly backed by Polaroid Research Labs. I look forward to seeing this neat new technology in the future.

Like any tech startup, Zink is incredibly secretive. You’ll notice Zink’s website is password protected from other companies snooping around. This is common practice. When I worked at Oracle I was surprised to learn the degree to which all the tech companies keep tabs on each other. For instance, in the 1990’s following the cold war, many out-of-work-spies were hired to work in Silicon Valley. Larry Ellison uses Sun Tzu’s Art of War, which is basically a book about espionage.

It’s interesting to me that very little has been written about this. Certain companies are notorious in the tech-world and I keep expecting a tell-all book. There must be many ex-employees willing to talk to a journalist. This is a freebie, folks. If you are a journalist and want to make some money, go write this book!


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