User Rankings

Zach struck again. He has expanded our user voting from Articles to People. Now ValueWiki has a system for ranking users.

ValueWookies can now add “” along with “[ [Category:Top_10_ValueWookies]]” to their personal profiles to be voted by the ValueWiki community. Many stock message boards attempt user rankings, to separate quality posters from less credible users. Even Wikipedia has implemented a charming albeit non-scientific barnstar policy.

Our system allows users to vote for or against each other, just like a Digg button. The Value-Wookies with the highest rank are displayed at Top 10 ValueWookies. Eventually, we will probably display more than just the Top 10. That way, any ValueWookie can check their standing in the community.

Our goal is to inspire a positive community where users recognize and commend good writing, editing, and etiquette. Newbies can immediately recognize which ValueWookies have experience and credibility.

Stay tuned for new tweaks and additions to this feature.


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