User Voting

Zach has built the framework for our user voting and I for one, am excited.

As usual, it seemed to take him less than an hour, which always mystifies me. You can try out a sample “Vote” button here.

So many Web 2.0 companies focus on voting, digging, and ranking. Meanwhile, the Wiki-universe is struggling to catch up on this. For instance, the MediaWiki Board of Trustees elections are labyrinthine. As is Wikipedia’s policy for selecting daily featured articles, a voting process that can take months or even years. Granted there are reasons for preventing anonymous users from gaming the vote, and a huge site like Wikipedia is faced with special challenges. But don’t these featured article criteria seem a bit Byzantine?

The only live Wiki Voting example I have seen is at the Democracy Wiki. It’s very slick and Digg-like, dynamically updating the number of user votes. Eventually, we may slick up our voting appearance as well, but for now it’s about 79th on the to do list.

How Our Voting Works

Voting allows ValueWookies to rank articles, stocks, and users. Any page a user votes on ends up in the Top 10 List Category. To start a new Top 10 List, just start a new page and add the [[Category:Top 10]] tag. This automatically places the page in the Top 10 List Category and adding the [[Category:Vote]] tag allows users to vote on it. That’s it.

As ValueWiki’s voting evolves we hope it will help guide every user’s experience. We will soon be testing a system for allowing users to vote “featured articles” to the mainpage.

Everything on ValueWiki is a work in progress. The system is still very Beta and your comments are appreciated. Stay tuned for more updates!


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