ValueWiki Ranked 8th Largest (Non-WikiMedia) Wiki

From its birth in September, Valuewiki is now ranked the 32nd largest MediaWiki-Wiki in the world. The list is dominated by the behemoth WikiMedia Projects: Wikipedia and Wiktionary, in all their various foreign languages. Removing these WikiMedia Projects from the list bumps ValueWiki up to 8th place for all non-WikiMedia MediaWiki Wikis.

That’s right, non-WikiMedia MediaWiki Wikis…MediaWiki is the software and WikiMedia is the foundation that overseas Wikipedia and Wiktionary. That is why we are a non-WikiMedia MediaWiki Wiki.

Inclusion in the world rankings currently requires a conservative article count of 8,700. ValueWiki currently has a conservative article count of 54,705.


3 Responses to ValueWiki Ranked 8th Largest (Non-WikiMedia) Wiki

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