New Bio Picture

Choosing a suitable bio picture is one of the hardest parts of entrepreneurship. As such, I feel a professional obligation to look this difficult issue in the eye, and report on it with unwavering journalistic integrity.

As Zach and I begin to think about ramping up marketing ValueWiki, I decided it was time to make a more professional bio pic. This is because my current bio pic shows me on the couch in a t-shirt:

Old Bio Pic

Normally, I assiduously avoid being photographed. I’m like a paranoid mafia boss that way. So it’s hard for me to find a photograph that doesn’t have a bunch of other guys in it, and is vaguely professional-looking.


If I am dressed up, I am inclined to have a drink in my hand, which is somewhat unprofessional, and may not inspire users to contribute to one’s investment Wiki.


I told Zach he should get a more professional-looking bio picture as well, but this is exactly the sort of thing Zach is completely uninterested in. Personally, I think his current picture is so tightly zoomed in, I can see the inside of his soul.


At any rate, I attempted to take some more professional-looking bio photos for this blog and for my ValueWiki bio page.

This was an uphill battle. Ideally, I wanted a photo that says “I want to contribute to this guy’s investment wiki” more than “I want to contribute to punching this guy’s ribs.” It’s a delicate balance.

I decided to go with the obligatory Entrepreneur-with-website- on-the-monitor pose. I guess people do this to prove the guy in the photo is in some way connected with the website. Dramatically uncreative.

For some reason it reminds me of how kidnappers take pictures of their kidnappees in front of the current New York Times. Zealous ephemeralists can zoom in on the photo and see that it is indeed January 19, 2007.

Pic 1
Too surprised.

Too smug.

Too uncertain.


It was a tough choice, deciding between the lesser of so many evils. What is the opposite of Sophie’s choice? Like if Sophie really wanted to kill all her babies?

Well for now you can see the results of my ValueWiki bio pic adventure here.


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