A Blog I Read Every Day – JohnChow.com

I’ve read JohnChow.com every day since October, so now it’s time to give back with a special shoutout post for anyone who isn’t up-to-speed on everything JohnChow.com.

John Chow is the “Dot Com Mogul” behind TheTechZone.com. In his personal blog, John covers everything from sports cars to fine dining, while candidly explaining exactly how he monetizes his blog, and built The Tech Zone into a success.

For anyone interested in learning SEO, SMO, Adsense, and the general business of the internet, here are my favorite John Chow posts to help you get started on digging through the nuggets on his site.

Top John Chow SEO Links

1. So You Want to be a Google Whore – The famous post
2. The Art of Link Baiting Links are currency
3. The Art of Link Development Links, links, links
4. How Much is a Link Worth? Ditto
5. How to Start a Tech Site Some great tips

To further help you get wise to JohnChow.com, you can check out his top posts or his investing category. For blogging his site, I may get a linkback. I hope this doesn’t undermine my credibility, because regardless of this bribe, JohnChow is a site I read religiously, just ask Zach.

Update: John Chow mentions ValueWiki as an example in his recent post, Better Anchor Text, Better Search Results. I blogged about ValueWiki’s High SERP here. Very interesting how much traffic we get to our two JohnChow.com posts, when I swear our blog has lots of other good content too!


7 Responses to A Blog I Read Every Day – JohnChow.com

  1. […] John Chow – Seach Engine Results Page Lesson We’ve been receiving a lot of Google traffic to my review of JohnChow.com. […]

  2. […] Now this is all well and good for Cognos, but how does it help me? Well, Google rewards you for using descriptive anchor text as well. Take the case of my review for linkback offer. If you do a search for johnchow.com, you’ll see that all the top results linked to me with descriptive anchor texts. Not one site use “here” for a link. The best example would be Value Wiki. […]

  3. […] JohnChow.com, a blog I read every day, has rapidly develoved into a flurry of paid reviewme posts. This is coupled with Chow’s […]

  4. John is doing what every body wish to. smart chap he is.

  5. justaintso says:

    As a newbie blogger, I follow John Chow and several other seasoned bloggers. Because I’m a novice, much of the information on other sites is hard to comprehend but John’s blogs are usually understandable. Check out my new blog which will be preseting info easy to understand for other newbies like myself: http://www.ublog4money.blogspot.com

  6. […] 現在為了Cognos這一切都是不錯的,但是它如何來幫助我們呢?嗯,Google也鼓勵你使用描述性的連結文字, 以John Chow的review for linkback提供的為例,假如你搜尋johnchow.com,你會看到所有連到John Chow的前面結果都是使用描述性連結文字,沒有一個站是用“點擊這裡”來連結的,最好的示範就是Value Wiki。 […]

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