Most Popular Finance Blogs

Ever wonder who has the most popular finance blog?

I decided to compile a list of the finance blogs on my radar screen and sort them by Alexa ranking. I tracked the blogs in December and January, assigning them an average Alexa for that time period. I also included each blog’s Technorati ranking, where available.

Domain Ranking
I’m interested in how few finance blogs make it into the Alexa Top 100k. #1 on the list, Herb Greenberg, has the highest Alexa only because he is on the Marketwatch domain. I left him in the #1 position for symbolic reasons; there are a bunch of guys writing for big domain names which makes it difficult to track their true popularity. On the flipside, I could not rank bloggers purely by Technorati, since that would be such an unrepresentative sample.

And the winner is…

Seeking Alpha and Blogging Stocks are essentially high quality blog aggregators, which accounts for their high rank and popularity. Therefore, the highest ranking truly individual blogger on my list is Barry Ritholtz at Operating a hedge fund and single-handedly writing an Alexa 18,000 blog is a huge accomplishment.

Feel free to browse the list, and let me know of any finance blogs you think I should include.


A number of you have written in suggesting finance blogs to include in this list. Please, keep the suggestions coming! The original 40 listed below are just blogs I personally read, so don’t feel snubbed if your blog isn’t on the list yet. I plan on creating a new updated list and publishing it here on Tuesday.

Adding Your Blog to the list:

Post a comment. Please be careful with too many links. Some of you are accidentally ending up in the spam folder.

Alexa and Fairness:

Some of you point out that Alexa rankings are occasionally dubious. I agree the system is not perfect (I blogged about Alexa accuracy here), but it’s the least bad system we’ve got. BobsAdviceforStocks made number 1 on my list of Ten Great Finance Blogs Flying Under the Radar but is not included on the list below because the domain does not give him an Alexa ranking. Unfair! I’ve included technorati whereever possible. Let me know if you have suggestions on how to make the list more comprehensive (or fair!). Look for an update Tuesday.

Update: New Updated List is here.

1 TR: 53,449 (166 links from 63 blogs) A: 577
2 TR: 2,734 (3,859 links from 683 blogs) A: 5161
3 TR: Unk A: 18,500
4 TR: 595 (55,276 links from 1,558 blogs) A: 18,588
5 TR: 18,407 (838 links from 177 blogs) A: 86,000
6 TR: 6,891 (2,542 links from 377 blogs) A: 96,000
7 TR: 19,067 (3,381 links from 170 blogs) A: 100,000
8 TR: Unk A: 151,800
9 TR: 27,742 (411 links from 118 blogs) A: 210,000
10 TR: 45,277 (563 links from 74 blogs) A: 223,322
11 TR: 15,637 (840 links from 201 blogs) A: 226,231
12 TR:703,564 (10 links from 5 blogs) A:249,040
13 TR: 12,952 (792 links from 243 blogs) A: 250,000
14 TR: Unk A: 253,941
15 TR: 105,571 (99 links from 32 blogs) A: 255,763
16 TR: Unk A: 258,880
17 TR: 24,590 (891 links from 133 blogs) A: 281,838
18 TR: 41,307 (2,342 links from 81 blogs) A: 283,368
19 TR: 29,668 (442 links from 109 blogs) A: 295,000
20 TR: Unk A: 358,805
21 TR: 44,136 (499 links from 76 blogs) A: 477,099
22 TR: 63,239 (134 links from 52 blogs) A: 551,821
23 TR: 53,230 (87 links from 61 blogs) A: 698,000
24 TR:52,070 (127 links from 64 blogs) A:698,107
25 TR: 914,044 (5 links from 4 blogs) A: 910,657
26 TR: 119,719 (1,166 links from 30 blogs) A: 1,061,000
27 TR: Unk A: 1,147,942
28 TR: Unk A: 1,389,000
29 TR: Unk A: 1,435,000
30 TR: 134,163 (200 links from 27 blogs) A: 1,500,000
31 TR: 240,984 (50 links from 15 blogs) A: 1,700,000
32 TR: 94,177 (142 links from 37 blogs) A: 1,755,680
33 TR:101,288(109 lks fm 35 blgs)A:1,829,000
34 TR: Unk A: 1,831,507
35 TR: 234,098 (667 links from 16 blogs) A: 1,941,724
36 TR: Unk A: 2,100,000
37 TR:158,343 (77 links from 23 blogs)A:3,187,800
38 TR: Unk A: 4,359,555
39 TR: 382,132 (12 links from 10 blogs) A: 4,880,000
40 TR: Unk A: 6,000,000


78 Responses to Most Popular Finance Blogs

  1. […] Great Finance Blogs Flying Under the Radar Yesterday I posted my list of 40 Finance Blogs ranked by popularity. I compiled the list by running the 40 finance blogs I follow through Alexa and Technorati to […]

  2. Trader Mike says:

    You should probably use instead of “” for Kirk’s blog. I think he has at least 3 different domains but that one is the most popular. His numbers will be VERY different using that URL.

    Using that domain he has an Alexa rank of 71,645 and 2,069 links according to Technorati

  3. jimmy5 says:

    I am surprised that Dr. Brett Steenbarger’s sites are not on that list. As a trading consultant to major institutions and funds, he, of all people, has the clout to offer financial advice, though he is extremely modest.

  4. Obviously I agree wholeheartedly wiht his list since I am on it.

    I am happy to see so many names I never have read so will check them out.

  5. […] is obviously an important top 40 list seeing that I am on it […]

  6. If Phil’s Stock World had been included, it would rank somewhere around #21, with a Technorati ranking of 126,877 and an Alexa score of 451,763.

  7. Brian Shannon says:

    I dont like to be a self promoter, but it must be my competitive nature that makes me post one blog you overlooked (mine) TR: 27,202 (1,801 links from 122 blogs) A: 356,374

  8. Yep, Brian, they left me out, too. Plus, I left a comment before you did! Perhaps their spamfilter got it because of links, and they haven’t checked it yet. I’ll test that theory with altered links …

    www [dot] billakanodoodahs [dot] com

    Technorati:54,399, with 272 links from 63 blogs
    www [dot] technorati [dot] com/search/www [dot] billakanodoodahs [dot] com

    Alexa: 574,283
    www [dot] alexa [dot] com/data/details/traffic_details?q=&url=billakanodoodahs [dot] com

    Not a top 20 ranking, but definitely a top 30 ranking if traffic is the scoring method.

  9. I can’t believe they have howard but not me, what a dumb list

  10. Asif says:

    I am actually surprised to see that I made the list. Thanks for reading SINLetter Jon and Zack.

    I wonder how accurate Alexa rankings are. Unless everyone has forgotten, Alexa was considered spyware and a lot of spyware removers like Spybot still consider it as spyware.

  11. Neither Seeking Alpha nor Blogging Stocks are simple aggregators. Blogging stocks actually hires bloggers to cover individual stocks, so all the content belongs to them. Seeking Alpha is a combination. We carry content from over 300 contributors, but it’s far from dumb aggregation: we select the content on a per-post basis, edit it and tag it with stock ticker, sector and theme. The end result is a massively better user experience than dumb RSS aggregation.

    More important, Seeking Alpha then adds a ton of our own content that we invest in heavily. We publish:
    – 500 free conference call transcripts every quarter, rising to 1,500 next quarter and then higher;
    – summaries of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money stock picks,
    – the best one page free summary of stock market news every morning, called Wall Street Breakfast
    – summaries of new IPO filings
    – a summary of Barron’s every weekend

    Why not just aggregate content from blogs? Because readers are looking for a resource to follow news, get opinion and research stocks. To offer that, you have to round out blog content with a lot of other content. And by doing so, you build a site that has a ton more traffic and thus gets exponentially more exposure for blog contributors.

    One final thought on Alexa. Alexa’s accuracy varies by content type. It’s good for tech and internet related content, since most people who have the Alexa toolbar are interested in those topics. But it’s much, much less accurate on finance. Alexa, for example, shows our most popular sector as Internet, but in fact it’s… I leave it to you to guess!

  12. George says:

    Thank you for including Fat Pitch Financials on your list of most popular finance blogs. I excited to see that I made the top five.

    One think to note, the link you have for my site points to my lowly blogroll list. If you get a chance, please point it instead to my homepage at

  13. LOL! – Ugly! Who’s Howard? HAHAHAHA!

    Well, I am chopped liver, that is for sure! Not on this list! tsk! tsk! But in my mind, I rate right up there with the “Stock Blogger” greats!

    I will have “Stock Blogger” engraved on my headstone, so that my children, the future “Stock Bloggers” of the world, will be able to look back and fondly recall moments like this…moments where no mention of me was made. LOL!


    Ugly! I have an idea! Why don’t we team up and become the Ugly Goddess? Then maybe that dang Alexa will find us rankable… what say you?


  14. Mike,

    Thanks for the mention of me, although Marlyn might be a bit hurt, as he is a he. 😉

  15. John Forman says:

    Toss my blog into the mix! 🙂

    Currently I’m at about 92k on Alexa. There’s a problem with my Technorati Rank. It seems to be stuck, not reflecting new links and blogs, so I have no idea what it is at the moment.

  16. Well, is 1,340,103 in Alexa, and 435,942 in Technorati. Rank #28 not bad after only 2 months of blogging, I suppose.

    Also, I’m not a big fan of those Snap previews. They’re not a problem for me, but my friends with older, slower machines get pwned.

  17. 2pay says:

    You missed us and we are very sad 😦

  18. Broker A says:

    Naturally a very flawed and non-Fly list.

  19. […] interesting list of the top ranked finance blogs is being put together here. The authors threw up a list based on Alexa rankings and Technorati ranks, but they know it’s […]

  20. Grant Macdonald says:

    Hi all, another financial blog.

  21. Add another one to the pot:

    Fallond Trade History: TR: 103,872 (147 links from 35 blogs) Alexa: 258,565


  22. Chad Brand says:

    The Peridot Capitalist (\
    TR: 138k
    AL: 878k
    Would put it around 25th-30th it appears.

  23. […] 60 Finance Blogs (and counting…) In a particularly obsessive compulsive post last week, I decided to rank all the finance blogs I read, by Alexa and Technorati rank. To my surprise, […]

  24. Alpha Male says: TR: 100,964 (209 links from 36 blogs) A: 723,550

  25. […] listed the 20 most popular. A sign of Barry’s popularity is that his reprint has earned us more traffic than the […]

  26. The Mortgage Blog — Professional, Honest Mortgage Advice

    Not sure about all the tech stats you asked for . . . Thanks!

  27. Zentrader says:

    Bummer I didn’t even crack the top 40. Maybe the top 100?

  28. Chris Wenner says:

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