10 Great Finance Blogs Flying Under the Radar

Yesterday I posted my list of 40 Finance Blogs ranked by popularity. I compiled the list by running the 40 finance blogs I follow through Alexa and Technorati to determine their “popularity.”

I was surprised to discover which finance blogs were “popular” and “unpopular.” Many of the blogs I admire have Alexa’s over 2 million. While many of the blogs I find less-than-inspiring command extremely high readerships.

I decided to compile this list of diamonds-in-the-rough. All of the finance blogs listed below have an Alexa over 1,000,000. And I have no affiliation with any of them. There are some gems here, so check ’em out!

Ten Great Finance Blogs Flying Under the Radar

10 Internetoutsider.typepad.com/
Henry Blodget was banned from securities industry following an industry-wide regulatory complaint over conflicts of interest. His candid blog reflects how he is unable to give up his passion for Wall Street. Frank analysis on popular stocks like Yahoo and Google from a guy who was once the shining star of Merrill Lynch.

9 ValueBlogReview.blogspot.com
Steven Rosales gears his blog towards helping new investors discover useful blogs and resources. Steven was good enough to be the first blogger to cover ValueWiki, here.

8 StockCoach.Blogspot.com
Stock Coach is a value investor who has outperformed the S&P 500, the Nasdaq, and the benchmark Russell 2000 index for 10 consequetive quarters. His daily blog is candid and humorous.

7 10qdetective.blogspot.com/
David Philips is an equity analyst whose research has been quoted everywhere from the WSJ to IBD. For anyone who loves the detective work of rolling up one’s sleeves and burrowing into financial statements, this blog uncovers the dirty secrets companies hide in their balance sheets. I hope someday David contributes to ValueWiki.

6 FinancialNirvana.com/
Himanshu Pandya writes this extremely thorough daily blog focussing on three areas I invest in: India, Alternative Energy, and Technology. This blog is a diamond in the rough.

5 Theflyonthewallblog.blogspot.com/
TheFlyontheWall is a paid newsletter that offers free articles on its daily blog. They offer solid, consistent coverage on the investment issues making the headlines.

4 Mikesnewsletterinvesting.blogspot.com/
Mike is only 16 years old, and already considering opening a Roth IRA! He has been investing money for himself and his family members since he was 13. I wish he would post more frequently, this is a fun blog.

3 Valuestockplus.blogspot.com/
Toughiee’s blog provides extremely thorough daily coverage of Indian markets and investing. This is a one-stop-shop for links to good India due diligence.

2 Financeandinvestments.blogspot.com/
Jim provides accessible coverage of Indices, ETF’s, and World Markets that helps me see the big picture. This is just good blogging.

1 Bobsadviceforstocks.tripod.com/bobsadviceforstocks/
Bob Freedland does what every stock blog should do: thorough analysis of companies. Complete reports, week in and week out, since 2003. So many top-ranked Seeking Alpha contributors write pithy one paragraph blurbs about the iPhone, and so few take the time to do the kind of serious fundamental analysis Bob consistently churns out on new companies every single week. This is an impressive blog.


14 Responses to 10 Great Finance Blogs Flying Under the Radar

  1. Jon and Zach,

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog, Stock Picks Bob’s Advice!

    I hope that you and others find my work useful and would love to hear from other investors about the blog!

    Regards and good luck to you on your website!

    Bob Freedland

  2. Jim says:

    Jon, thanks for the support.

    I don’t trust the Alexa rankings. My traffic has doubled since December and yet my Alexa ranking seems to keep falling.

  3. Jon says:

    Jim, good point. I have blogged about Alexa accuracy here. Alexa measures page views, which favors click-factories like MySpace. A blog has all its content displayed efficiently on one page, which equals only one page view. So I would imagine that most blogs underperform on Alexa.

    The alternative would be for me to use technorati as my yardstick for finance blogs. But I found that too many finance blogs aren’t even on technorati, whereas Alexa measures everyone (for better or for worse).

  4. Toughiee says:

    Thank You very much for the honor…!

  5. Shankar says:

    Iam indeed happy to note that the third position has been given to a Indian finance blog.Toughiee’s blog is being referred in management institutions for current content as well as enlightned thinking of matters of importance to Indian stock market

  6. Broker A says:

    What am I the fat lady at the end of the bar?

  7. Pankaj says:

    I would also recommend Tips Are for Waiters at http://www.tipsareforwaiters.com

    It’s written by Nusair, who focuses on momentum investing and has some really interesting perspectives on the US markets and some nice moving small-cap stocks that he’s trading.

  8. This says:


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  9. kirwaywaide says:

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