Contest Begins Tomorrow’s $100 Contributor-of-the-Day Contest begins tomorrow. We are giving away $100 every weekday in February to the best wiki contributor.

Login to ValueWiki (it’s free), search for any stock in the US, Canada, or Australia, and start writing. It’s just like Wikipedia where anyone can edit. We will announce the first winner, here on the blog, tomorrow, Thursday, by 11:59 EST.

If a blogger wins, we will feature your blog in that post as well. So you will get site exposure and $100. Thank you to Micki at WorldChanging, TradingGoddess, and all the other blogs who have covered the ValueWiki contest. It is much appreciated.


2 Responses to Contest Begins Tomorrow

  1. I am finding I am unable to submit an article that does not contain my opinion.


  2. Jon says:

    That’s fine Trading Goddess! You can write your opinions on the ValueWiki message boards. There 56,000. Smart contributions on the message boards are more than welcome and can win the contest!

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