First Contest Winner!

And the first ValueWiki contributor of the day is….


Zach is sending him $100 via PayPal. Congratulations!

Khartand started a new article today, making smart and original contributions to ISHARES MSCI E.M.I.F (EEM). Additionally, Khartand was active on the ValueWiki message boards, adding his personal analysis to Talk:Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ISPH) and Talk:Dell Inc. (DELL).

User ASamtoy made a strong push late in the day, adding a flurry of content to Coke, Apple, Motorola, and others. However, ASamtoy copy/pasted company descriptions from Yahoo Finance without citing his sources, so we couldn’t consider him just yet. Some of ASamtoy’s contributions were highly original so I look forward to seeing his writing in the future. We’ll keep an eye on him.

In the meantime, congratulations to Khardand, our first Winner! To everyone else, keep contributing and spread the word. We are giving away $100 every weekday in February. Let’s build this wiki!


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