Contest Winner…Day 2

And today’s $100 Contributor-of-the-Day is…..


This was an extremely hard decision.

HStone has made great contributions to POWERSHARES ETF (PGJ), CHINA LIFE INS CO (LFC) and started two new articles today.

Yesterday’s winner, Khartand, wrote two new articles and started two message boards. Khartand’s contributions to the CV Therapeutics and Nintendo message boards are among the best contributions we’ve had to the wiki. Khartand’s edit count is already 133 and he’s started 30 articles and message boards. He is currently the front runner for the ValueWiki grand prize.

But Zach and I decided to award today’s prize to a ValueWiki newcomer, FatPitchFinancials. FatPitchFinancials discovered a new issue – TravelCenters of America LLC (TA) – that ValueWiki’s bot, “ValueSpider“, had not yet added to the Wiki. This meant FatPitch had to build the page from scratch, even programming the news feed. FatPitchFinancials created smart, original, and comprehensive coverage, while also contributing on several other pages as well. Not bad for a first time user.

I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but my hunch is that FatPitchFinancials is George from the eponymously named finance blog, FatPitchFinancials (ranked 5th in our list of the 60 Most Popular Finance Blogs). George, if this is you, feel free to put a link to your site on your ValueWiki user page.

Thank you to all our contributors. Any edits made over the weekend will count towards Monday’s contest. Thank you ValueWookies!


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