Blog Traffic

Some people consider it gauche to blog about one’s blog traffic. But being a Wiki guy, I take a pretty open-source view of these things. Besides, this post is self-deprecating, and decidedly not self-congratulatory.

These are approximate 1 week blog traffic figures for three recent posts:

*Most Popular Finance Blogs 6,000 views
*Top 60 Finance Blogs (and counting…) 1,200 views
*ValueWiki Contributor-of-the-Day Contest 85 views

These numbers have left me flummoxed.
Obviously, my highest priority as the ValueWiki Marketing Guy is to get the word out about the Contributor-of-the-Day Contest. $100 bucks a day, c’mon! I emailed a few dozen bloggers and posted the link all over the internet, but the story just hasn’t taken. Bad marketing guy, bad.

Meanwhile, Most Popular Finance Blogs, which I did not promote at all, recieved 29 comments and made it all the way to This is very cool, but also mildy frustrating. Especially since Top 60 Finance Blogs (and counting…) is more up-to-date, lists 50% more blogs, and is receiving 1/4 the traffic.

Bottom line, the internet is weird. This was my first week of consistent blogging, and I still have a lot of lessons to learn. In the meantime, did I mention the ValueWiki Contributor-of-the-Day Contest? $100 every day? New winner announced tonight! Wow. ValueWiki’s marketing guys must be geniuses! Where can I sign up for the ValueWiki Contributor-of-the-Day Contest!!!


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