Tuesday Feb 6 $100 Contest Winner

And today’s ValueWiki Contributor-of-the-Day is…


There were three very notable contributors today.

Khartand wrote excellent coverage of Nintendo on the Nintendo Message Board. I believe the information and analysis Khartand presents is as thoughtful and informed as any finance blog or analyst opinion. Like Khartand, I considered buying Nintendo before the Wii came out, and am still considering whether the ship has sailed. Though Khartand did not win the day, he is still the front runner in terms of overall impressive contributions to ValueWiki. We are keeping our eye on him every day.

ASamtoy definitely deserves mention, adding content to 14 articles in one day. Though ASamtoy’s humor and prolific editing deserve praise, we couldn’t yet award him the prize because many of his entries were written in first person, without citations, and without neutral point of view. For article pages, we prefer users to follow the ValueWiki mission. Like Wikipedia, any information presented on an article page should be referenced and unbiased. Only then can we build a useful, reputable, and reliable catalogue of investment information.

That being said, ASamtoy definitely wrote some of my favorite contributions to date. On HSBC he begins by writing “HSBC is the Shaft of the banking world: a Bad Mother shut-your-mouth-I-was-talking- about-HSBC…” Hey, ASamtoy, we can dig it. For Waste Management Inc he writes “Got trash? Sure you do. And WMI is here to help.” While I appreciate ASamtoy’s creative writing, subjective contributions like these set a bad precedent for new users, and can turn visitors away from the site. I hope this user begins to turn his prolific writing energy towards objective, factual, and referenced information. Everything else belongs on the message boards.

And finally, our Winner. Jdkaye wrote thorough, original, and factual articles on two companies I’ve never heard of…MONTPELIER RE HLDGS (MRH) and Dawson Geophysical Company (DWSN). These contributions represent exactly what we want on ValueWiki, and what we hope to recognize and reward each day of the contest. Thanks for writing, Jdkaye. You have improved ValueWiki.

Best of luck to all of tomorrow’s contributors! And thanks to everyone for logging in and contributing!


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