10QDetective featured in Business Week

Last week I singled out 10QDetective as a great finance blog more people should read. Apparently I am not the only fan. Business Week is featuring 10QDetective as its upcoming weekly “Must-Read” Blog. The article link is here (login required) and the magazine will be on stands later this week. Congratulations to David Phillips for this great recognition!

Here is a transcript of the article.


FEBRUARY 12, 2007

Number Crunch


To read SEC filings with a guide, go to this blog run by David Phillips, an investment newsletter publisher. He focuses on financial-statement “soft spots,” such as restructurings, and also takes on issues like executive pay, recently analyzing the actual compensation of $1-a-year ceos like Yahoo!’s (YHOO ) Terry Semel and Apple’s (AAPL ) Steve Jobs. Phillips delves into the data and lets others handle the witty asides, sprinkling in lines from movies and songs. On the payoff to shareholders from Semel’s low official salary, he paraphrases Tom Waits: “The big print giveth and the small print taketh away.”

We live in a world where many of the most popular finance blogs offer superficial coverage of popular topics, and too rarely delve into any depth. That is why it is satisfying to read sites like Deep Market, Footnoted, and 10QDetective, that scratch below the surface. Congrat’s to 10QDetective.


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