Thursday, February 8 – $100 Daily Contest Winner

And today’s ValueWiki Contributor of the Day Winner is…

Khartand! Again!

Khartand was once again the clear winner of the day, adding content to ISHARES MSCI E.M.I.F (EEM), ISHARE MSCI SINGAPOR (EWS)
and the Singapore Airlines Message Board.

Perhaps most importantly, Khartand used our Suggestions Page and our Ask a Question page. Zach and I need your suggestions and feedback to help make ValueWiki as useful as possible. Thank you, Khartand, for discovering these resources and leading by example!

We need some more users to login and give Khartand some competition! Congratulations to Khartand. This is his third win!


One Response to Thursday, February 8 – $100 Daily Contest Winner

  1. Thomas says:

    Enjoy reading your site and thanks for including me in your top blogs list. I like the concept very much. I do have an idea for ValueWiki, maybe you could shoot over an e-mail, I could not find any contact info on the site.

    Thanks again.

    BTW, here is an interesting article we published on alexa rankings and buying stocks;

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