February 12 ValueWiki $100 Contributor-of-the-Day Winner

Wow! What a difficult choice today. As judges we were in the terrific position of having three excellent contributors to choose from.

A brand new user, Wikister launched his ValueWiki career with additions to ALCOA INC (AA), Force Protection, Inc., (FRPT) and the Force Protection Message Board. Wikister definitely seems familiar with wiki markup, and we are going to keep a close eye on this user in the future.

Hstone made great additions to ISHARES TR FTSE INDX (FXI), PIER ONE INC (PIR), and Admiralty Holding Company (ADMH), which are all articles he originally started. Hstone’s contributions are all consistently excellent, and it is just plain bad luck that he only chooses to make his great contributions on the same day as our two-time winner, FatPitchFinancials.

Yes, The Winner Is…

FatPitchFinancials again managed to find a page that was somehow not included on ValueWiki, and did an impressive job programming and writing the entire Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK-A BRK-B) from scratch. FatPitchFinancials has already won our Contributor-of-the-Day Contest once, and Zach and I are hoping to recognize and reward as many different ValueWookies as possible through this contest. But with the sheer effort required for FatPitchFinancials to create and write a comprehensive Berkshire Hathaway article, we felt it was only fair to recognize him as today’s winner. We have added the article to our Main Page Featured Articles, adding a second blue ribbon to FatPitchFinancials’ user page, and awarding him another $100 cash.

Impressive work from Wikister and Hstone today. We hope to see you guys contributing more! There is another $100 tomorrow. Thanks to all for participating!


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