Wikis Attracting Major Funding

Venture Capital is definitely embracing the Wiki model. Here are some Wikis receiving million dollar funding in recent months.

*ArmChairGM.comBought by Wikia for $2 Million

*WikiYouSeed funding from First Round Capital and Mayfield Fund

*Wet Paint $5.25 Million First Round Funding; $9.5 Million Second Round Funding

*Wikia$4 Million First Round Funding; $4 Million+ Second Round from Amazon

*SocialTextMulti-Million First Round; $3.1 Million Second Round Funding

That’s a lot of money changing hands. Will be interesting to see how well these Wikis can monetize. ValueWiki watches with interest…


2 Responses to Wikis Attracting Major Funding

  1. […] announced a $2 Million funding round from MDV on February 21. On February 12th, we noted many Wikis receiving multi-million dollar funding rounds. However, PBwiki notes they acquired Schtuff using their own customer revenue rather than VC […]

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