Blogger Temper Tantrums

Sometimes, your morning rss read gets a little bit dry. Ipod this, DRM that, yadda, yadda, yadda. That’s why it’s always refreshing to encounter that great web phenomenon…

The Blogger Tantrum

Normally, bloggers carefully choose their words, optimizing anchortext and anticipating the next big digg. But occasionally the stars line up, and a blogger says what he really feels. And the entertainment begins.

A Blogger Tantrum Gem

Hat tip to Stockjockey for pointing this out to me. Yaser Anwar, who runs the 27th most popular finance blog according to The Top 60 List, rips into Henry Blodget (55th most popular finance blog) is his sizzling post, [sic] Henrey Blodget is a Two Faced A**Hole. In the post, Anwar calls Blodget an “A**HOLE”, a “Son of a B****”, and “wishes [Blodget] would get run over by a truck.”

Yasar’s motivation is to defend Jim Cramer, of all people. To be fair, Blodget did lay into Cramer, saying (among other things) “Admit it: You watch [Cramer] because you wonder if this is the night he finally has a heart attack, kills someone, or explodes in a tirade of expletive-laced slander.” Blodget is not the most popular guy on Wall Street, having been banned for life from the securities industry after illegally touting internet stocks that were investment banking clients of Merrill Lynch. Yasar, on the other hand, is a Canadian college student who normally writes cogent and perceptive analyis.

My Take

Judging from the comments, I don’t think Yaser lost any fans with his tirade. In fact, I think he gained fans. This is what interests me about the Blogger Tantrum phenomenon, and I will probably blog about this in the future. The blogger rant almost always results in higher readership, more link-backs, and increased audience respect for the blogger’s authenticity.

Stock Jockey pointed out to me that Yasser’s rant was posted at 12:40am on a Saturday Night. Perhaps there was some booze involved. To his credit, Anwar has left the post up and clearly stands by his remarks.


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