February 15 $100 Contest Winner

And the ValueWiki Contributor of the Day is…


Previous winner Jdkaye added some thorough and thoughtful analysis to Jet Blue. And yesterday’s winner, Wikister, added great research to SSRX and helped engage a new user on the Nintendo Message Board.

But it was four time winner Khartand who started the SSRX page from scratch and went on to write a helpful message to the newcomer on the Nintendo Message Board. For total effort, we decided Khartand was once again, the winner.

I have to say I am amazed at the depth and quality of the SSRX page that Khartand and Wikister were able to build in just one day. Surely their ValueWiki SSRX page is one of the highest quality sources of SSRX due diligence on the internet. Imagine what we could accomplish with ten Khartands and Wikisters! Or twenty! I have added their excellent SSRX work to the mainpage featured articles.

Congratulations to Khartand for his fourth time win. It really gives Zach and I pleasure to have the opportunity to reward great contributors. Our thanks to everyone for helping to build this new wiki community.


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