Susan Decker’s Yahoo Email

Big hat tip to Techcrunch for posting the best thing I have read all year…

Text of Email to All Yahoos!

If you find corporate-management-speak hilarious, the full email is worth a read. It’s Susan Decker (Yahoo CFO)’s attempt to motivate the troops through an endless string of acronyms and buzzwords. Trying to get all the way through her email is like reading Finnegan’s Wake.


The mission of the Advertiser & Publisher Group is to lead the transformation of how advertisers connect with their target consumers and businesses across the Internet, thereby driving more value for more advertisers and more publishers than any other company. We believe we have the right combination of assets to capitalize on the market opportunity and drive long-term strategic growth for Yahoo!. Our primary objectives in designing this organization are driving customer-centricity, maximizing accountability and facilitating fast, smart decision-making. To that end, we have organized APG around three key critical functions:

1. Demand Channels: focused on providing marketing solutions to our advertising customers
2. Supply Channels: focused on strategically selecting and serving our publishing customers
3. Marketing Products: focused on matching every advertising offer from our demand channels to the best piece of advertising inventory from our supply channels, whether that is on Yahoo! or on one of our publishing partners’ sites.

I forwarded it to all my corporate friends. Big thumbs up!

Update: I can’t stop reading this email. I’m going to study it forever like the dead sea scrolls. It’s like the corporate Mona Lisa.


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