Corrections from my Mother

Regarding yesterday’s My First Investing Experience:

Dear Jonathan,

Corrections to your blog entry:

1. Rukeyser–you have an extra letter in it.
2. I didn’t “make” you read Peter Lynch.
3. Value Line is two words.
4. We only made copies of S & P when I was doing research on a stock.
5. Comma before which.
6. Stock Market Game–not a fantasy competition.
7. We never graphed PE channels.
8. I don’t think there was a $10,000 prize, but I don’t remember what the prize was.
9. Walmart was not a grocery store.
10. Nasdaq was never an obscure exchange. It used to be called Over the Counter and may not have
been an exchange, but all that changed was what it was called. I remember my grandfather talking
about OTC stocks.
11. Microsoft never made calculators and Dad bought his first computer in Feb. 1986, which means
you were 10 in the June after that. Even the schools had some computers then.




Dear Jonathan,

Zach and ME–not Zach and I–in your winner blog.

Stop making this mistake.




2 Responses to Corrections from my Mother

  1. khartand says:

    By the way, I suggested WYSIWYG editor for ValueWiki, I think I am gonna add spelling/grammar check to my wishlist. Just reread some of my posts and most of them are rich with typos.

    I know you will tell me to edit in MS Word and copy/paste over, but I am lazy.

  2. Jon says:

    Typos are like bread crumbs to attract new users!

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