February 16 ValueWiki Contributor of the Day

And today’s $100 winner is…


Record Breaking Day

Today set a new ValueWiki record for the greatest number of edits by the greatest number of users. We also saw more new user signups than on any other single day. And to top it off, ValueWiki achieved its highest ever daily Alexa rank, as the 27,618 most trafficked site in the world (10,909 in the US).

Hats off to all the users this week who helped to welcome and encourage new ValueWookies.

Wikister on a Mission

Wikister also set new records today, making 65 edits in one day and adding a tremendous quantity of content. Wikister made a herculean effort on Viacom. Wikister’s work on Panacos Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PANC) is so extensive that we may turn the risks section into its own subpage.

Wikister also did some terrific work on Startech Environmental Corporation (STHK) and I was particularly pleased to see the way he reached out to new users. All in all, a star effort, and exactly the sort of work Zach and I were hoping to recognize and reward in this contest.

Monday’s Contest is On

Monday is President’s Day, but our contest will continue as usual. The founding fathers would have wanted it that way! As always, any contributions made over the weekend will count towards Monday’s contest.

Congratulations to Wikister for some truly impressive work.


2 Responses to February 16 ValueWiki Contributor of the Day

  1. It is probably just your mom logging on and off, gaming alexa and helping out with edits.


    BTW did you see the Blodget piece in today’s New York Times?

    persona non grata.


  2. delsecure says:

    I submited info for ETRS for the contest today

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