Monday February 19 $100 Contest Winner

And the ValueWiki Contributor of the Day is…


This is Wikister’s third win. He is second only to Khartand who has won four times.

There were some impressive 11th hour contributions to E M C CP (EMC) from a new user, Twostardav. Twostardav added a smart risks section to the EMC article, but neglected to reference his sources. We look forward to Twostardav’s future contributions because this new user is clearly a smart and capable investor. Just note that like Wikipedia, everything written on an article page should be referenced and neutral-point-of-view.

Wikister made the highest number of contributions this weekend and did some good work on Electronic Arts. But he also went out of his way to engage newcomers on message boards and usertalk pages. You can view all the action on our wiki under our recent changes.

Our goal in having this contest is to recognize and reward all different kinds of wiki users. Some have high quality edits, some have high quantity, others are just good spell checkers. But it takes a diverse community of skilled individuals to run a successful wiki. Zach and I are pleased to see new users trying out ValueWiki and making their first edits. Stick with it!

Congratulations to Wikister. We have placed another blue ribbon on his user page, sent him $100, and added his name to the contest winners.

Start writing for tomorrow’s contest! And thanks to all for joining and building ValueWiki.


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