IDS WorldWide (IDWD) CEO Mug Shot on ValueWiki

Take a look at the IDS Worldwide page on ValueWiki and you will find this mug shot of the CEO from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

Mug Shot

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office reports Patrick Downs as a registered felon, listing his qualifying offenses as “Scheme to Defraud/Grand Theft/Sale of Unregistered Securities” and his probation date as May 5, 2012.

Convicted Felon With Fifty One Lawsuits

The ValueWiki IDS page further reports that CEO Patrick Christopher Downs is believed to be the “Patrick C. Downs” listed in as many as fifty-one lawsuits between 1987 and 1992. Most of the lawsuits involve defrauding people of money. They span a time frame as recent as September 2005, when he was successfully sued by Sumter National Bank for 626,000.

Confirmation that this “Patrick C. Downs” is also the CEO who runs IDS Worldwide can be found using this Florida corporate search tool. Patrick Downs is listed as the owner of the sued company Execu-Fax, as well as the former Syntec, which became IDS Solutions, which became ”’IDS Worldwide, Inc”’. Furthermore, some of the legal complaints against Downs are listed in Seminole County, Florida, the same county that lists Downs’ mug shot. The mug shot can be compared to known footage of the IDS WorldWide CEO, such as this CEO Interview on Fox News.

Criminal Associations

The ValueWiki IDS WorldWide page also notes that convicted felon David Rupley is listed with the same home address as Patrick Downs, 310 Golfbrook Circle, Longwood, Florida. He is also listed as a Web Designer and convicted of Grand Theft.

About IDS WorldWide

IDS WorldWide manufactures and sells biometric flashdrives and other security products. Interestingly, IDS WorldWide may legitimately sell decent products, despite the fact that it is run like a classic pump and dump scheme!

Calling All Due Diligence Detectives!

If you have valid, referenced information exposing a company like IDS, and can post it to ValueWiki, you will almost certainly win our $100 Daily Contest.


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