My Hometown Gets a Cell Phone Tower

My hometown does not have cell phone service because the local Indian tribe blocked the construction of a cell phone tower. A shaman, hired by Sprint Telecom, found a stack of rocks near the construction site, and believed they might indicate ancient spiritual activity.

While trying to be politically correct, my town was quietly infuriated. Most of the inhabitants commute to work in Manhattan; coming home to a town with no cell phone service was an infamnia.

Sprint Telecom spent patient years paying a medicine man go out to the tower site at the town dump and consult the spirits, asking the spirits’ permission to begin drilling. The medicine man was paid by Sprint as an outside consultant.

I guess after many years, and many dollars, the spirits have acquiessed. My father happily reports that the spirits will allow drilling to begin as long as no dynamite is used.

Maybe the spirits saw the new iPhone and had a change of heart.


One Response to My Hometown Gets a Cell Phone Tower

  1. drmike says:

    They could have just hid it as a tree or something. Or did it have to go right there?

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