A Typical Day in Los Angeles

It wouldn’t be a typical day in Los Angeles, if there wasn’t a high speed chase ending immediately outside your house!


Ah, the buzz of the ghetto bird is like sweet music to the Los Angelino’s ears. Nothing like seeing a dozen police with guns drawn to brighten your lunch hour.


The police were able to cuff this guy without shooting. But I should note we had a police shootout on the other side of this intersection about six months ago. A female burglar fired on police, wounding an officer. They had to send in SWAT. I watched the scene from my roof. When they finally cuffed the woman, I distinctly heard a news reporter on the sidewalk curse and say, “I can’t believe no one got killed!”

Here are the detectives searching the car for drugs and weapons. They’ve collected some kind of paraphenalia in the brown paper bag…

Nothing like getting stuck in your house because your street is barricaded.

A year ago I got stuck in a Starbucks at USC when the police stopped a high speed chase. Five gangsters had stolen an SUV and refused to get out after the police flattened their tires. The police had attack dogs and shotguns. It was pretty intense inside the coffee shop, and we were praying the gang members would just give up. Finally, the police swarmed in and tackled everyone.

It was a dangerous situation, but no one got hurt. The police did an amazing job. I gained even more respect for the tough work police have to do. Unfortunately, they only make the news when something goes wrong. But most of the time, I believe they get it right.


In the past year, my block has also seen a rape and a fatality accident. So the police are used to barricading our street. Before moving to LA I used to live in the South Bronx and never had a problem. Now I live in a “nice” Los Angeles neighborhood and have been mugged, graffitied, hit and run, suffered a racial attack, and had my car smashed with baseball bats.

That plus two earthquakes and a forest fire. You gotta love it here!


9 Responses to A Typical Day in Los Angeles

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