Blogger Temper Tantrums – Part Deux

This is the second post in my Blogger Temper Tantrums series.

I Love a Good Heartfelt Rant

Sometimes bloggers fly off the handle and we get to find out what they’re really thinking. These are often the most entertaining posts, as they are authentic and honest, rather than the usual greased Digg-bait posts that normally clog the blogosphere.

Author’s note: Can we “crowdsource” or use “wisdom of crowds” to coin a better buzzword than “Blogosphere”?

A good blogger rant is fun for the whole family. But sometimes, the blogger temper tantrum takes a darker turn…

When Bloggers Attack

The “Blogosphere” is like the ancient Roman Senate. If your blog becomes too powerful or successful, you can pretty much expect some assassination attempts. Here are some juicy examples from blogs I enjoy… is a great blog that I read every day. From a standing start in September, John Chow now runs the 13th largest Web 2.0 blog on the internet. Chow candidly discusses how much money his blog earns and posts his growth statistics every month. I find this fascinating and helpful, but it seems to draw the ire and resentment of web thugs.

*Banned from Digg On November 24, a group of John Chow haters banded together to get him banned from Digg. Apparently, all you need to do is get a few users to tag you as a spammer. Despite running one of the most popular sites on the internet (, Chow has been unable to get his site unblocked by

*Google Ban Attempt On January 14, someone attempted to get John Chow banned from Google Adsense by clicking his Google Ads thousands of times for two days in a row. Luckily, John Chow has been with Google Adsense from the beginning and has his own personal sales rep at Google who handled the situation. Still, you have to wonder at the vindictive psychology of someone willing to spend two days clicking a google ad!

*Hackers has also been the victim of hackers such as the SEO Hacker, and the Turkish Hacker. To paraphrase rapper Notorious B.I.G., “When a brother’s gettin’ richa, they want to come and getcha.”


Another victim of random internet abuse is Michael Arrington who runs the extremely popular TechCrunch is either the first or second most popular Web 2.0 blog on the internet, depending on whether or not you consider Engadget a blog. I already blogged about the TechCrunch Wikipedia entry getting vandalized by an unstable Microsoft employee. But for other examples of the bizarreness you have to endure if you’re lucky enough to be successful, here are three TechCrunch hate sites:


It takes a lot of work to build a website. So again, you have to wonder at the mindset of someone maniacal enough to waste a week building one of these webpages. I didn’t give these sites these honor of creating a linkback. If you’re curious to check them out, you can copy/paste the URL’s into your browser.

Bottom Line

I wish everyone success on the internet! But if you do get successful, I wish you a thick skin, a great firewall, and WordPress 2.7 security!

Update:I just realized that “When a brotha’s gettin richa, they come and gitcha” is from Tupac, not B.I.G. My bad.


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