February 22 ValueWiki Contributor of the Day

And today’s $100 ValueWiki Contributor of the Day is…


Khartand did his usual top notch work, writing a well-referenced, Neutral-Point-of-View PT TELEKOMUNIKASI IN (TLK) page. One thing Khartand does when he starts a new article (and he’s started a lot of them), is he always starts the message board page as well.

Wikister offered Khartand some excellent teamwork today, fixing typos, offering clarifications, and making formatting changes. This is a wiki in action. One user adding content, another doing copyediting. Two heads are better than one!

Interesting discussion today on ValueWiki Policy by Khartand, Wikister, Twostardav, and yours truly. Where can users offer their own subjective stock analysis on ValueWiki? This is the great thing about Wiki: we get to figure out our policies as we go along.

Hats off to Khartand for his usual level of excellence. It’s great to see this ValueWiki evolving and growing!


I have updated the ValueWiki Mainpage to feature articles written by recent contest winners. We’ve also put a box on the mainpage to show the Top Users voted by ValueWookies.


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