SLJB CEO Peter Vucicevich Under Investigation

This is another post about how ValueWiki’s collaborative due diligence helps expose criminal CEO’s.

Once a penny stock reaches the front page of the InvestorsHub message boards, it’s just a matter of time before the stock crashes and the SEC cracks down. Just look at IDWD and CSHD.

In November, ValueWiki was lucky enough to find this article from the Windsor Star in Canada and publish it on our Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, Ltd. (SLJB) page. Sulja Bros had been trading around one cent per share, and soared as high as 21 cents when the company announced several hundred million dollar construction deals in the middle east.

A curious reporter from the Windsor, Canada Star Newspaper decided to check out Sulja’s local offices and interview their CEO, “Black Pete” Vucicevich. The local paper snapped and published this photo.


Apparently, he’s called “Black Pete” because he always wears black. At any rate, the article reported it was unlikely Sulja Bros was closing hundred million dollar deals considering their office was in shambles and had no employees!

Vucicevich fired back at the reporter, issuing a lengthy press release which succeeded in drawing even more attention to the bad publicity. At this time, ValueWiki began publishing the details of SLJB’s repeated delays of audited financials.

The publicity received from the Windsor Star article was enough to draw in the Ontario Securities Commission as well as the SEC, who halted trading on the stock. Look how the price plummets:


SLJB currently trades at 7/10ths of a cent.

How to use ValueWiki

The Windsor Star due diligence is exactly the sort of information Zach and I hope users will publish on ValueWiki. The average investor can’t drive to Windsor, Ontario to check how many employees work at the Sulja Bros main office. This is where the collaborative power of the internet comes in. When thousands of users around the world pool their due diligence on ValueWiki, together we have a better shot of discovering which companies are truly good, and which companies are truly too good to be true.

Maybe there’s a Sulja Bros in your town? What can you do to help shed light on the situation? Do your due diligence and share your findings on ValueWiki. The community is waiting.


15 Responses to SLJB CEO Peter Vucicevich Under Investigation

  1. kathleen says:

    Hey !! reat stuff.. I am the real ” little angel ” who is wrapped up in this mess, and PV sent “pumpers” from a private message board to spy on me…
    Hey..he even sent me threats
    im tossing all their asses in jail… least before a judge !!
    Little angel
    I post on Atomic Bobs !!

  2. Jon says:


    Are you saying Peter Vucicevich threatened you in some way? I’m not sure I understand your comment. Please feel free to email me jonathan (at) valuewiki (dot) com.

    Would love to get your story,


  3. imparare says:

    Interesting comments.. 😀

  4. Ted says:


  5. Ted says:

    Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

  6. Ted says:

    Lives have been ruined by the promises. Retired people had to go back to work to try to recover their losses. One guy said he hit 3 cars drunken driving cause he lost everything – he said suicide was next. I say go to the source. Do the right thing

  7. Ted says:

    If you think that’s a joke wait till you get the punch line – it’s a killer

  8. Teddy's Doc says:

    Teddy you sound like a real nutter… why all the pain brothe? Lost everything? Really? My suggestion… as always.. diversify.. diversify… don’t let greed be your guide !
    Sleep sweetly.

  9. For starters I’d like to add that I am well aware that old post is in fact rather old and now moving on.

    @ Kathleen perhaps you should seek attention elsewhere. One word: lunatic.

    @ Ted a word of advice, on your keyboard, to the left of the letter “A” is a key titled “Caps Lock”. Don’t ever use it and maybe then you’ll be taken seriously. “One guy said he hit 3 cars drunken driving cause he lost everything – he said suicide was next.” Hahaha well that’s great man, good for him. Honestly one less idiot on this planet won’t be missed. The way i see it, the potential danger that guy put himself and others in, is a far more serious problem than anything “Black Pete” has done.

    To sum this roast up I highly recommend that the next time you and your multiple personalities decide to cancer the internet you:
    1. Avoid the use of the caps lock button.
    2. Never speak of your times drunk driving.
    3. Refrain from cute remarks.
    4. Visit my website.

  10. stefan vucicevich says:

    im peters nefew(cant spell) and you are all talking about him its pritty cool. Hes cool and cant wait for christmas.

  11. stefan vucicevich says:

    but really show some respect for a man whos much greater that yourself.

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