February 23 ValueWiki Contributor of the Day

And today’s ValueWiki Contributor of the Day is…


Today was a battle of the titans, with all of our heavy hitters adding great articles to the wiki. This was without a doubt the hardest day to judge for the entire contest.

Five time winner Khartand wrote great work on PERUSAHAAN SATLT CP (IIT). On nearly any other day, this article would have been enough to win.

Then previous two-time winner FatPitchFinancials wrote an extensive and impressive article on Western Sizzlin Corporation (WSZL), as well as great contributions to PFIZER INC (PFE), REALOGY CORP (H), and UNILEVER PLC AMER (UL). The only nitpicking note we might have for FatPitch is that his Unilever Company Analysis is written in the first person. But aside from that note, on any other day, FatPitchFinancials would have been the winner with these great contributions.

However, it was Wikister who rose to new heights today with his magnum opus, Research in Motion Limited (RIMM), the company that makes the Blackberry. He is still working on this Sistine Chapel as I type this, but I am going to send it right to the main page featured articles.

Congratulations to Wikister for raising the bar once again with his quality contributions. And thanks to everyone for helping to build this free resource for the investment community.


Since some of you have asked, right now only Zach or myself can add a featured article to the mainpage. However, it is high on our ToDo list to make this a votable feature. Ultimately it is the community who should decide what exemplifies a superior ValueWiki article. We hope to build this feature very soon.

Zach and I have special editing powers on the Wiki because we are Administrators. This means we can edit the Main Page, block and unblock users, delete and undelete pages, and all sorts of nifty tricks. A healthy wiki needs lots of Administrators to stay on top of various tasks. If anyone is interested in becoming an Administrator, we may beginning granting Admin priviledges in the near future. Feel free to ask me about it on my talk page if you are interested.


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