Cheer up, China Investors!

If you’re like me and lost money on China, India, and Internet Stocks yesterday, watch this video! It will make you feel good about keeping your money in Asia for the next 25 years.

Did you know that if MySpace were a country, it would be the 11th largest in the world? The average MySpace page is accessed 30 times a day. There are over 2 billion Google searches every month. Watch this video if you need to be cheered up about the markets. Hat tip: John Chow.


2 Responses to Cheer up, China Investors!

  1. Did you know?

    .. dat er dagelijks 3.000 boeken uitkomen? Dat we dit jaar meer informatie publiceren dan in de afgelopen 5.000 jaar? Dat als een land zou zijn, het qua omvang tussen Japan & Mexico in zou zitten? Deze feiten, en meer, in de presentati…

  2. E@zyVG says:

    In the end it brought shivers to my body … let’s hope that future will be kind for humankind.

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