ValueWiki Haikus

For your afternoon meditation…


My soul yearns for more
Login to ValueWiki
Now I am complete


Water cascading
on rocky shore. Login to


Ten World Exchanges
Sixty thousand stocks and funds
Pooling our research


Stock Message Boards are
Web 1.0. Login to


I want Nirvana
Login to ValueWiki
Okay, got it now


UPDATE: Zach thinks this post is weird, but I thought it was funny. He’s worried I’m spending too much time in front of the computer, which is a fair point. Still, I can’t resist one more ValueWiki haiku:

Existence is Suffering
Login to ValueWiki
Not so bad now, huh?

I’m picturing this is an edgy ValueWiki ad campaign. But maybe it’s only funny inside my head. Okay, I’m turning off the computer and going outside for a walk.


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