ValueWiki $500 Grand Prize Winner!

Wow. This was a far more difficult decision than we ever imagined. Zach and I have been pulling out our collective hair for the past 24 hours.

There were some excellent contributors this month, including two time winner FatPitchFinancials, and one time winner Jdkaye. There were also great writers like Hstone who made high quality contributions but never had the chance to win a daily contest because they only wrote on highly competitive days!

But aside from all these great contributors, we never expected to find ourselves in the fortunate position of having two exemplary ValueWookies. Hence, the 24 hours of hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing.

Khartand’s Statistics

Khartand has contributed to 27 ValueWiki articles, 20 Article Message Boards, and 7 userpages and policy pages. We are also pleased that he started work on his own personal bio. Khartand’s contributions are consistently informed, referenced, insightful, and thoroughly researched. He has contributed to 54 ValueWiki pages and his total edit count is 273.

Wikister’s Statistics

Meanwhile, Wikister has performed equally impressive work. In a shorter amount of time than Khartand, Wikister has contributed to 28 ValueWiki articles, 10 Article Message Boards, and 9 Userpages or policy discussion pages. Wikister’s efforts on RIMM have created one of the highest quality articles on ValueWiki. From a standing start on February 12, Wikister has contributed to 47 ValueWiki pages and achieved an edit count of 703. Although it should be noted that edit count is not necessarily an accurate measurement of output; for what it’s worth, Khartand seems to write more words with fewer edits!

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Wikister and Khartand’s writing and speed have steadly improved over the past month. Both users consistently go out of their way to welcome and engage new users. And they especially support and encourage each other.

Yesterday they made our decision more difficult by going above and beyond the call of duty. Wikister published a link to his RIMM article on Yahoo Finance to draw in more visitors and RIMM experts to critique his work. And Khartand wrote the most thoughtful and inciteful coverage of ValueWiki we have seen yet, writing on his own personal blog.

And the Winner is…

And the ValueWiki $500 Grand Prize Winner, for Best Overall ValueWookie is…

A tie!

Wikister and Khartand!

ValueWiki is fortunate to have two exemplary users. We will be awarding each of them $250. Khartand’s total prize winnings from the February contest are $850, and Wikister’s total winnings are $950.

I intend to publish more statistics about the contest results throughout the day. In the meantime, Zach and I are pleased with all of the great new articles started on ValueWiki, and grateful to have the opportunity to recognize and reward top members of the ValueWiki community. Thank you to all for logging in, contributing, and building a great resource for investors around the world.


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