WallStrip Juggernaut Keeps on Rising

If you haven’t watched Wallstrip yet, it’s probably time.

Finance blogger Howard Lindzon, of HowardLindzon.com (the internet’s 16th most popular finance blog) created WallStrip as a series of 3 minute episodes following Wall Street trends in a humorous way. Since its October 2006 launch, Wall Strip has maintained a strong internet following.


Aaron Pressman (whose Business Week blog ranks 2nd in online finance blog traffic) covered WallStrip extensively for Business Week. The site has also been featured in the New York Times (registration required).

Aaron Pressman reports
WallStrip has raised $500,000 from investors, including Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures. Union Square has funded such Web 2.0 phenomenons as Del.icio.us and Feedburner. Here is WallStrip’s interview with Union Square partner Fred Wilson.

WallStrip’s episodes range from informative stock coverage, to completely zany comedy sketches. Here’s a taste to get you started on WallStrip.

*This Jim Cramer Parody received more than 30,000 views.
*This Jack in the Box Music Video is pretty funny, especially if you’ve seen the original SNL video.
*Today’s Episode is more indicative of a typical Wall Strip episode: three minute stock coverage with a humorous tilt.

Online Video Phenomenon

Howard Lindzon’s $500,000 in angel investment surpasses the previous record for an online show, set by Ask a Ninja. Ask a Ninja signed a $300,000 deal with Federated Media in January, earning more than $30,000 for their Hollywood agents at the United Talent Agency. Successful internet shows are proving they can compete with Television in both viewership and investments. The next key to look for will be profit. Stay tuned.


One Response to WallStrip Juggernaut Keeps on Rising

  1. definately not a juggernaut, but a locomotive ? 🙂

    thanks man.

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