12 Great Wikipedia Blogs and Resources

As Zach and I launch ValueWiki, we’re learning that much of the finance community doesn’t yet understand Wiki or Wikipedia. Suffice it to say, Wiki is awesome, and it’s going to change the way global investors share information (see, ahem, ValueWiki). Here is a list of great Wiki resources to help you get started in learning your way around the Wiki World.

12. JimmyWales.com

The blog by the man who started it all, Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales. I should mention that a lot of salacious action really happens on his Wikipedia Talk Page, particularly with the recent Essjay scandal and Larry Sanger scuffle. For an intriguing Jimmy Wales blot post, check out his placating response to Jason Calacanis (noted in one of the many Calacanis entries in Ten Great Blogger Tantrums).

11. Wiki Blog Planet

Nick Jenkin’s blog aggregator of Wikipedia blogs. The only reason it’s not higher on the list is several of the blogs are out of date, have devolved into personal blogs, or no longer focus on Wikipedia. So it can make for an…ecclectic…read. Still, a neat resource and a quick way to scan a lot of good blogs.

10. WikiWorld

A series of original Wikipedia-centric comics by Greg Williams. Pretty neat.

9. WikiMetrics

Jakob Voss focusses on Wikipedia research and statistics for the true Wikipedia afficianado, or well, nerd. šŸ™‚ I am no stranger to Wikipedia statistics myself. Check out Jakob’s take on the rate at which experienced Wikipedians leave Wikipedia.

8. Wikipedia and Meta.WikiMedia

I suppose these had to be somewhere on the list. In particular, check out:
*WikiMedians Who Blog
*Wikipedia in Blogs
*The Wikipedia Signpost

7. WikiP.Blogspot

Ben Yates writes the unofficial Wikipedia Blog. A good source for the lastest news and goings-on. For low attention span folks like myself, the fastest way to find out what’s new is by reading Ben’s Wikisnips.

6. Angela Beesley

Like Jimmy Wales, Angela isn’t the most frequent blogger since she’s busy running Wikia. For a good update of Wikia’s progress, visit her recap of 2006.

5. Wikizine

Walter Vermeir does an amazing job of painstakingly compiling all MediaWiki news into his regular Magazine-Blog-Wiki. We’re especially pleased that he mentioned ValueWiki in November. Searching for the wikizine link just now, I’m flattered to see that Larry Sanger had some nice things to say about ValueWiki when he saw our mention in Wikizine. Pretty neat.

4. Original-Research.Blogspot

Geoff Burling at Original Research is an active Wikipedia blogger with extensive coverage of the Essjay embroglio. He also mentioned my research on Wikipedians by Political Affiliation!

For some Wikipedia satirical comedy, read this clever anonymous post in Geoff’s comments. And you thought anon’s didn’t contribute anything useful!

3. Larry Sanger’s Citizendium Blog

I’ve been a bit hard on Larry Sanger, and on Citizendium. And I feel sheepish since I just noticed his nice comments about ValueWiki. I’m beginning to wonder if Larry is a master-puppeteer like Jason Calacanis, making provacative remarks to cleverly draw attention and links to Citizendium, and playing us Wikipedia bloggers like a fiddle!

2. Andrew Lih

Andrew Lih is a regular Wikipedia Blogger and one of the smart voices behind the Wikipedia Weekly Podcast. But he makes this list because hands down, he had the best coverage of the Essjay Affair. Though I’ve written that I have sympathy for Essjay, Andrew makes a pretty compelling case against the sort of personality that can lie on the phone with the New Yorker, and perform some pretty expert circumlocution.

I was about to comment on the high journalistic quality of Andrew’s writing, and suggest that he become a journalist, when I noticed on his blog that he is already an assistant professor of journalism. So, I guess that makes sense.

1. Wikipedia Weekly

Now you can find out what’s new on Wikipedia without even using your eyeballs. Listen to ten minutes of the Wikipedia Weekly podcast and your IQ will jump 10 points. It’s like playing Mozart for babies. Andrew Lih, Daveydweeb, and Andrew Phillips all contribute to this podcast. (Note, I didn’t include Andrew Philips or Davey’s blogs in this list because they seem to be devoting more time to the podcast in recent months).

You sort of have to be a true Wikipedian to understand or care about the often esoteric topics covered on Wikipedia Weekly. But to their credit, the trio does a good job of explaining the intricacies of Wikipedia subculture. For the inside scoop on the Daniel Brandt deletion, check out the lastest episode of Wikipedia Weekly.

I’m sure I missed a lot of great blogs and websites. Please add them to the comments below!


7 Responses to 12 Great Wikipedia Blogs and Resources

  1. Geoff says:

    Thanks for the mention. I admit that I linked to your post about the political affiliations of Wikipedians because it was a different take — & an interesting one — on Wikipedia than the usual post I stumble across. Just proof that good ideas will attract more hits.

    Would you like to share any with me?


  2. Jon says:

    Thanks Geoff,

    A fellow Wikipedian followed up on my political survey by taking a much more exhaustive and global approach. He found a much stronger liberal bias. I posted his findings here:



  3. […] I’m awesome March 10th, 2007 Or so says Jonathon Stokes, the co-founder of a hitherto unknown-to-me site called ValueWiki. Look, I’m up there at […]

  4. Nick Jenkins says:

    For Wiki Blog Planet, there’s now http://open.wikiblogplanet.com/ , which anyone can edit the feeds for (use the “edit this planet” link). So if some of blogs are out-of-date then remove them (or their posts will fall off the end of the planet with time), or if blogs have devolved into personal blogs then either remove them or filter their feeds by category (you can do this with WordPress, and possibly other blogging software), and the same applies if they no longer focus on Wikipedia. Basically, I encourage people to “Be Bold”, and help make it into their idealized wiki-related aggregation of Wikipedia / MediaWiki / WikiMedia related blogs.

    — All the best, Nick.

  5. […] Lih earned the top two slots on my Twelve Great Wikipedia Blogs and Resources. Andrew’s personal blog covered some of the best reporting and analysis of the Essjay […]

  6. By no means great, but you also might be interested in:
    Also, I’m now loving Wikimedia Planet!

  7. Jon says:


    Thanks for the link. Yes, I keep meaning to blog about Planet.Wikimedia as well. It’s on the todo list!


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