and WallStrip Form Distribution Deal

Howard Lindzon’s immensely popular WallStrip Web TV show is now available on

Howard has confirmed to me the new agreement with and will soon announce the partnership on his blog.


Screen Grap from 9:57 AM on Thursday March 8 TV offers 12 channels of financial news including Personal Finance, Executive Interviews, and Wall St. Confidential, a daily show featuring James Cramer., Inc. is publicly traded on the Nasdaq: TSCM, so if you’re very bullish on this deal you can buy the stock!

I first blogged about Howard’s new company on Monday, in WallStrip Juggernaut Keeps on Rising. After coverage in Business Week, the New York Times, and ABC News, this definitely seems to be the case.

If you are not yet one of the 10,000 people who tune in every day to watch Wallstrip, why not check out today’s Wallstrip.

Congratulations to Howard on this exciting deal!


4 Responses to and WallStrip Form Distribution Deal

  1. thx. nice find. i think they announce tomorrow via press release and will integrate the shows into their stock search

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