Microsoft Employee: “Wikipedia is a Giant Joke”

Wow. Microsoft Employee Dare Obasanjo has a few things to say about me.

After his “experiment” to vandalize Wikipedia, and his rather personal attack on Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, Dare has pasted my coverage of the incident on his blog, highlighting the sections he considers “libelous” or “hilarious.”

Obasanjo calls Wikipedia a “Giant Joke,” and accuses Michael Arrington of trying to get him in trouble with Microsoft. In Obasanjo’s own words:

I’m crapping myself in amusement at how seriously these people take this nonsense. I am especially amused by all the bits in red font since they are either borderline libel or just straight up hilarious. And I thought Mike Arrington emailing folks at Microsoft trying to get me in trouble after I apologized on his blog was the most absurd turn this story would take.

For the record, Obasanjo’s original attack on Wikipedia precipitated six weeks of edit wars and mediation that escalated to the level of death threats. I had the pleasure of working on the Wikipedia mediation to restore the TechCrunch Article, and blogged what I thought was a peaceful conclusion on Friday.

It should also be noted that Rick Jeliffe, the Wikipedian hired by Microsoft which prompted this incident, really did accept payment from Microsoft and continues to work towards changing Microsoft articles on Wikipedia. Although I do note that Jeliffe publicly acknowledges he accepted Microsoft’s sponsorship and believes in the value of what he is contributing to Wikipedia.

For more on this story, you can read TechCrunch Resolution on Wikipedia and Microsoft Employee Vandalizes Wikipedia TechCrunch Article.


4 Responses to Microsoft Employee: “Wikipedia is a Giant Joke”

  1. David Gerard says:

    Argh *bangs head against wall* They don’t know how to stop, do they. Not to worry, there’s lots of Groklaw regulars on the articles – opinionated, but scrupulous about facts and sources. And none paid by IBM, unless Microsoft wants to come out and make that claim publicly …

  2. […] mankind. I admit, some days Wikipedia can get me down. Maybe I get stuck in an edit war. Or maybe a Microsoft employee accuses me of libel and says Wikipedia is a Giant Joke. But then other days, I discover something great on Wikipedia. Scientologists working together with […]

  3. Politics says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. DB Lewis says:

    Wiki is just a gaggle of idiots who google their ‘facts’,then post pretty much total crap.
    Wiki is not taken seriously,unless your a 45 yr old WoW addicted virgin living in your mother’s basement.

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