20 Most Popular Pages on ValueWiki

Every now and then, Zach and I like to check out ValueWiki’s most popular pages to see where people are clicking. This is a cool feature of the wiki that tallies pages by number of visitors (therefore older pages have an advantage over newer pages).

Check out ValueWiki Popular Pages for the full list.

1. Main Page ‎(25,091 views)
2. Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, Ltd. (SLJB) ‎(4,882 views)
3. IDS Worldwide, Inc. (IDWD) ‎(4,500 views)
4. Apple, Inc. (AAPL) ‎(4,249 views)
5. Conversion Solutions Holdings Corp. (CSHD) ‎(2,891 views)
6. Google Inc. (GOOG) ‎(1,664 views)
7. Message board ‎(1,576 views)
8. North West Oil Group, Inc. (NWOG) ‎(1,373 views)
9. ValueWiki ‎(1,257 views)
10. Research in Motion Limited (RIMM) ‎(1,175 views)
11. Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) ‎(1,151 views)
12. ToDo ‎(1,130 views)
13. PIER ONE INC (PIR) ‎(1,046 views)
14. Starbucks Corporation (SBUX) ‎(1,035 views)
15. Exchanges ‎(889 views)
16. Contest ‎(839 views)
17. ABBOTT LABORATORIES (ABT) ‎(831 views)
18. Project List ‎(784 views)
19. Browse ‎(770 views)
20. FUND ‎(709 views)


2 Responses to 20 Most Popular Pages on ValueWiki

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