Links for March 15

Last night my bed collapsed.

At about 2am, absolutely exhausted, I said goodnight to the world and plopped into bed…only to have the mattress crash through the frame and fall to the floor. This was about a sixteen inch drop, and it was one of the longest split-seconds of my life.

Flat on my back, watching the ceiling receed from my vision, my brain careening to make sense of what was happening. I think it is safe to say, my mattress falling through my bed frame was one of the last things I was expecting at that moment.

How This Affects You, Dear Reader

Last night’s sleep on the couch reminded me of my nights spent camping out in the Rocky Mountains, except without the brilliant starlight. Just the cold, hard, lumpiness. I am a bit groggy today and will probably take some time off work to visit the hardware store for some two inch nails.

Suffice it to say, I may not grace this blog with my usual brand of blinding insight today. I leave you instead with some links I’ve enjoyed around the internet…

*CNBC’s Million Dollar Investment Contest – Arguably a bigger deal than ValueWiki’s $2500 contest. I suspect they were just feeling the heat from ValueWiki.

*Wikimedia Commons image search – Finally a way to search the 1 million images in Wikimedia Commons. (Hat tip: wikipedia weekly)

*Intelligence Test – This is not your typical IQ test. Try it out and you may be surprised at the results.

*Country Quiz – You get 10 minutes to try to name all 192 United Nations countries. I’ve become addicted, and can name about 150. But it’s really a spelling test as much as anything else!


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