BarCamp Los Angeles

Occassionally Zach and I like to enter into the meat space to interface with humans in real time. The real world is a lot like iChat except with greater functionality. People appear less pixelated in real life, although there is not yet a feature for muting or fast-forwarding people.

This weekend Zach and I met with other Los Angeles geeks and entrepreneurs at BarCamp Los Angeles. We attended some really fascinating discussions, ate Microsoft-sponsored food, and met people we previously only knew through their online avatars.

Here are some highlights…

Zach and Jon Interviewed for humor videoblog NoodleScar.

If you’re extremely curious you can watch the full NoodleScar BarCamp video.

Thank Your BarCamp Sponsors

Our goal is to become a sponsor by the next BarCamp.

Lots of Intense Discussions
Living in Los Angeles, it’s easy to forget how many smart people there are in the world. Note that everyone in this photo is multi-tasking on a laptop.

Zach Hard at Work

He is unusually good at this.

PowerPoint Karaoke

Speakers are randomly assigned a PowerPoint Presentation and have to bluff their way through a presentation.

Zach Stealing an Electric Car

A good car to steal because they’re whisper quiet.

Zach and Jon are Serious About ValueWiki

Login to ValueWiki?

Deep Thoughts

A bit thoughtful and introspective. This will be for our album cover.


One Response to BarCamp Los Angeles

  1. You guys were so fun to talk to! Glad to have been able to meet you. I hope your business gets to be able sponsor next year, too.

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