Welcome to ValueWiki

What are the odds of having Politics 2.0 Digged and Interview With PayPerPost VC Dan Rua Slashdotted, all on the same day? Zach and I are pretty amazed to see this blog ranked #1 out of the 811,705 blogs on WordPress. Very surreal.

For new visitors to the blog, here is the scoop on why you should (or should not) read our humble blog…

What ValueWiki Is

Zach and I are the entrepreneurs behind ValueWiki.com, the investment wiki. We’re building a new way for investors to share information. We currently cover ten world exchanges, 65,000 securities, and offer chat, message boards and user voting.

What this Blog Is

Ostensibly, this blog is where we announce news and updates about our startup, ValueWiki. But I do post a lot about Wiki, Web 2.0, the stock market, and plenty of useless information about Jon and Zach and startup gossip.

Top Posts

Top Posts
is a quick way to get acquainted with our blog. These are posts that either saw lots of traffic, or required ridiculous ammounts of time and research.

Most importantly, if you’re new here, please spare a minute to check out our startup, ValueWiki. It sort of mystifies us when the blog gets more traffic than ValueWikiLog in for free on ValueWiki, or leave a comment on this blog giving your feedback on the site. And thank you for checking us out.


2 Responses to Welcome to ValueWiki

  1. Hi there Jon. The Special:Version page of your wiki is totally blank. I was wondering what you used to create the p-links portlet in the sidebar underneath the toolbox. Is this just a Monobook.php hack? or is it a real extension?

    Sorry if this is a little off-topic.

  2. Jon says:

    Hi Jim,

    Zach disabled Special:Version for security reasons.

    And yes, Zach informs me that the leftnav links are a monobook hack.

    For technical questions, you can find him at http://www.valuewiki.com/w/User:Zach

    Hope this helps,


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