Dot Com Entrepreneurs by University Degree

Which University produces the richest Dot Commers?

This is my list of dot-com company founders. If I didn’t include you or your company, add a note to the comments!

Note: this list is for fun, and is in no way intended to knock Harvard or Yale…

Also Note: I am not suggesting it is better to drop out than go to Stanford…


1. Dropouts: $131.36 Billion

*Bill Gates Microsoft 56 Billion
*Paul Allen Microsoft 18 Billion
*Larry Ellison Oracle 21.5 Billion
*Steve Jobs Apple 20 Billion
*Michael Dell Dell 15.8 Billion
*Mark Zuckerberg Facebook 1 Billion (2006 rejected buyout offer)
*Kevin Rose Digg 60 Million+ (Business Week August, 2006)

2. Stanford University: $38.9 Billion

*Larry Page Google 16.6 Billion
*Sergey Brin Google 16.6 Billion
*David Filo Yahoo $3 Billion
*Jerry Yang Yahoo 2.2 Billion
*Reid Hoffman Linkedin 500 Million (my best guess…he invested in Digg, Technorati, Facebook; original PayPal board member)

3. Tufts University: $10.2 Billion

*Pierre Omidyar Ebay 10.1 Billion
*Dan Lewis Armchair GM $500k
*Aaron Wright Armchair GM $500k
*Ittai Korin Portfolio Science unk

4. Princeton University: $3.6 Billion

*Jeff Bezos Amazon 3.6 Billion

5. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: $600 Million (estimated)

*Marc Andreesen Netscape $253 Million (in 2004)
*Steve Chen YouTube unk (some part of 1.65 Billion)
*Jawed Karim YouTube unk (some part of 1.65 Billion)

6. Indiana University of Pennsylvania: $500 Million (estimated)

*Chad Hurley YouTube (less than half of 1.65 Billion)

7. Claremont Colleges: $30 Million (estimated)

*Randy Saaf Media Defender (some part of $42.5 Million)
*Michael Arrington TechCrunch $3 Million (wild guess)
*Phil Hilmes Audyssey unk
*Haydn Hamilton GreenPrint unk
*Dominic Mazoni Audacity opensource
*Jonathan Stokes ValueWiki $5

8. Fordham University: $25 Million (estimated)

*Jason Calacanis Weblogs $25 Million (Price of Weblogs purchase by AOL)

9. University of Virginia: $20 Million (estimated)

*Steve Huffman Reddit $10 Million (completely my guess, Conde Nast did not disclose buyout price)
*Alexis Ohanian Reddit $10 Million (completely my guess, Conde Nast did not disclose buyout price)

10. The Longtail…

*Auburn University, Jimmy Wales Wikipedia, Wikia Net Worth Unknown

*Johns Hopkins, Dave Sifry Technorati Net Worth Unknown

*Luther College, Drew Curtis Fark Net Worth Unknown

*Yale, Justin Kan Justin.TV Net Worth Unknown

My Methodology

I tried to include all the major web companies that have an identifiable “founder.” That is, some important sites like Flickr and MySpace seem to have been developed by corporations. Others, like AOL, evolved over time with many notable contributors.

The list includes two notable Harvard dropouts, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Yale did not really make the list. It should also be noted that four of the five world’s richest people are college dropouts.


5 Responses to Dot Com Entrepreneurs by University Degree

  1. […] (”Fordham”) on Technorati to see if anything would pop up. The first result was from a blog by Valuewiki founder Jonathan Stokes. The post lists the top schools that today’s #1 tech […]

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  3. Sticky says:

    Note: Gates, Allen, Ellison, Jobs, Dell, Andreessen are not dot-commers.

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