Los Angeles on Fire

The thing about living in Los Angeles is you never know when you’re going to go outside for a stroll, and discover the city is on fire. As I blogged following last month’s drug bust, there is never a dull moment.

This is the view from my street right now…

As you can see, the smoke has blotted out the sun…

Without giving away too much about where I live, things are looking interesting…

This is the famed Griffith Park Observatory, from movies like Rebel Without a Cause…

For up-to-the-minute blog coverage of the Hollywood fire, check out Metroblogging Los Angeles. Apparently 50 acres have already burned, and 34 Fire Companies have been dispatched…

In the meantime, I’m going back to my afternoon stroll, so I can breathe in the fresh LA air…cough, cough…


2 Responses to Los Angeles on Fire

  1. phil says:

    The current Malibu fires are a reminder that the population is NOT very well protected by any public servants. They remind us to be prepared, clear the brush or threaten us with fines. Yet they are the ones who appear to be unprepared with not enough resources available in the areas of concern when they know that an emergency is eminent. When the time comes to extinguish the fires, the Fire Department is busy organizing , setting up command posts, bringing in food and drink, talking with the media, waiting for assignments, staging and outsourcing duties that they should be completing. Undoubtedly this business is dangerous and difficult, but those who choose this profession volunteered and should have been aware of the danger. If they become cowards during an emergency when we need them most, they should think about changing careers. Being a fire fighter is not about cleaning their toys, eating well, playing volley ball, making calendars or hanging out at Starbucks, it’s only about three things, saving lives, protecting property and extinguishing fires! These public servants are extremely well paid and some would say overpaid, we should demand close to perfection and quick work for every call that they respond to.

    Watching these properties burn with no attempts to save them is a crime, there are no resources there to perform the job, fighting the fire. The helicopters are busy surveying and flying over active fires instead of making water drops. Watching the castle in Malibu burn was a tragedy, there were no Fire personal anywhere in sight, finally after 20 minutes, four Fire servants, a camera man and limp hose showed up only to watch the fire burn and get great film footage. Numerous helicopter water drops would have made all the difference, but the helicopters were making water drops on outlying brush with no property in sight. As we now know, this historic building is a complete loss. With all the foresight, preparation and training they supposedly perform, it seems that they would be in better control.

    Listening to fire department frequencies also indicates that these servants are busy with all other facets of an emergency situation instead of performing the most critical part of their job, extinguishing the fire. The radio chatter that occurs during an emergency is an eye opening glimpse into the chaos that really happens during a disaster.

    The citizens of our city need to hold the all Fire Departments responsible for improper and time wasting protocol instead of picking up the hose and extinguishing the fire. Every time I watch these events unfold, it reminds me that even though we pay high taxes and are manipulated to abide by fire regulations, there is no guarantee that any public agency will protect you or even assist you! You must be proactive and be prepared to protect yourself and your family regardless of what the laws are. Common sense, logic and immediate action is obviously not a part of their training which should be a concern to all who pay the exorbitant tax base in this county. The truth hurts and needs to be told before another disaster occurs regardless of the pro fire department propaganda machines.

  2. Smoke Relief says:

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