ValueClick (VCLK) Involved in Shady Business?

ShoeMoney posted an anonymous editorial today, accusing ValueClick (VCLK) of shady business practices.

Dummy Corporations

The allegation is that online advertising company ValueClick is anonymously offering shady marketing schemes through a battalion of Delaware dummy corporations. Various commenters on ShoeMoney’s blog have chimed in to allege their own personal experiences of ValueClick’s business practices, claiming everything from unpaid bills to serving inappropriate ads.

Criticism corroborates that the shady websites ShoeMoney lists do indeed share wording, terms of service, and source code. However, NadaCollar claims the sites are owned by the notorious 180Solutions, Inc. It is difficult to tell if ShoeMoney’s whistleblower has inside information, or simply has an axe to grind. Either way, this seems to be prompting some investigation and review of VCLK’s online marketing practices.

ValueClick Stock

I owned ValueClick from 2005 to 2006, back when I was feeling particularly bullish about Internet Advertising. So I generally have a warm, rosy feeling when I think about VCLK.

Chart from

Though I owned VCLK, I must fully admit, I never completely understood where their money came from. At the time, I simply bought three internet advertising companies and held them for seven months.

This was about the time I bought an extremely sketchy internet marketing company called Intermix, which was being sued by New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer for installing spyware. Intermix developed a little social media company called MySpace and was snapped up by News Corp for $580 Million. So you never really know what to expect from an internet marketing company.

The VCLK page is not yet started on ValueWiki, so if anyone wants to get started…have at it!


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  1. […] have little in common besides the word “click.” Two weeks ago I blogged that ValueClick may be involved in shady business practices, although word-on-the-street is that my source, ShoeMoney, has occasionally written unfair posts […]

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