Friday Tid-Bits

New York Times Responds to Andrew Lih on Wikipedia Corrections

I notice the excellent Andrew Lih covered the latest Wikipedia-versus-New York Times debacle (albeit, a full 24 hours after I did! 🙂 ). The New York Times took the time to explain their side of the story in Andrew’s comments. Worth a read.

Stock Blogger Accountability

This blogger thinks Bill Cara and Tim Knight should own up to the erroneous market predictions on their blogs. I think this is positive. If bloggers want to sit at the same table as journalists in 2007, perhaps we should begin holding each other to higher levels of accountability.

New ValueWiki Articles

*A brand new user, Interactive, started the Tally (TLYH) article yesterday. If you can spare a minute, login and add a sentence to the article to help him out.

*Texhoma Energy, Inc. (TXHE) got started yesterday. This article will need a lot of work. The stock was formerly pumped by stock promoters, and took a lot of investors for a ride.

*American Wagering, Inc. (BETM) continues to chug along. This is becoming a pretty thorough article! Nice work, Davisfreeberg.

— Happy Easter and Passover everyone! —


One Response to Friday Tid-Bits

  1. davidgerard says:

    Yeah. Proper subjective or activist journalism is a bit to do with tricks of the trade, but a lot to do with being clearly honorable and of integrity. Thankfully it’s not hard!

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