InstantBull – A New Stock Research Aggregator aggregates 8 stock message board sites into one easy-to-navigate location. It also frames the content of about 100 major stock blogs, and all the major finance sites such as Reuters, Yahoo, Bloomberg, and Forbes.


InstantBull features a “hot list” which generates a tag cloud of stock tickers, representing the most searched topics for each day. You can fully navigate the universe of financial websites without ever leaving the comfort of CEO and founder Gal Arav has built a nifty piece of speedy technology. InstantBull has been featured in BusinessWeek and Barron’s.


Why is InstantBull Allowed to do This?

Because you are viewing content through frames, InstantBull does not pull traffic, unique visitors, or ad clicks away from the sites it monitors. If you do click an InstantBull ad, don’t think of this as content-poaching, think of it as compensating InstantBull for creating a unique and speedy search tool.


My one concern for the company would be that InstantBull divorces content from community. I imagine it is harder to develop a loyal following when you allow people to view a discussion but not participate. In the long run, I think community sites will always generate more user loyalty and popularity.

InstantBull currently has an Alexa rank of 635,322 despite having media attention that ValueWiki would salivate over. Of course, InstantBull is extremely young, and was only launched last July.

An Interesting Research Tool

Google performs a service that is so useful they don’t require community features to pull in visitors. As InstantBull continually expands and tweaks its feature set, I imagine it can easily become an integral part of an investors tool kit.

I am currently fully invested. But the next time I am trolling for stocks, I will take InstantBull for a spin to how it impacts my due diligence process.


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