Calacanis Interviews Larry Sanger


I’m listening to Calacanis cast right now and Jason isn’t pulling any punches. He says he is disgusted and outraged with Jimmy Wales not giving Larry Sanger co-founder credit on Wikipedia.

Who is Jason Calacanis?

For anyone not in the loop, Calacanis is the founder of Weblogs, used to run Netscape, is entrepreneur in residence at Sequoia Capital, and runs one of the most popular blogs on the internet. He will be attending Wikimania 2007.

Jimmy Wales a Liar?

Jason repeatedly calls Jimmy Wales a liar, citing three occasions in which he feels Wales has outright lied to him personally. Calacanis is angrier at Wales than he was at Ted Murphy. It’s difficult to interpret, but he seems to call “Andrew Lih and all these Wikipedia guys” “so pious and high and mighty.” I might have to add this to Ten Great Blogger Tantrums.

I have been pretty critical of Larry Sanger on this blog, although in fairness I have never met him and admitedly have no overpowering emotional stake in the whole Citizendium/Wikipedia debate. I am very curious to hear what he has to say for himself on Calacanis.

I am only about 10 minutes into the podcast as I write this…and Larry Sanger has gotten about two sentences in. Jason is doing all the talking, er, ranting.

This is entertainment! Check out the Podcast here.


5 Responses to Calacanis Interviews Larry Sanger

  1. Gary Kirk says:

    Larry Says last Fall [Autumn] Jimmy left the Board of Directors (it’s trustees) of Citizendium (sic). He confused *his own project* with the Wikimedia Foundation. Oh dear…

  2. Ben Yates says:

    I’m all for crediting Sanger as a co-founder of Wikipedia. But Calacanis is acting like a demagogue here (which is to say, manufacturing anger to build an audience), to the extent that Sanger comes off looking pretty good by comparison. (I might add that with the rise of Colbert and the decline of cable news ratings, it seems like a bad time to get on that bandwagon.)

  3. calacanis?

    are you trying to get off our blogroll 🙂

  4. HelloWorld says:

    Peace people

    We love you

  5. […] That’s because Jimmy Wales has been working on this idea since at least March, 2004. It’s called Wikia Search and was covered by TechCrunch in December. This competition could help to explain why Jason recently positioned himself against Jimmy Wales with some pretty tough language. […]

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